Jikken Records

Define The Future Shape of Sound

Jikken Records

Define The Future Shape of Sound

The Label

Jikken – Japanese word for “Experiment” – is a label that strives to define electronic styles that don’t really exist yet.

We’re interested in tracks and artists that can be hardly defined with the current paradigm. We appreciate there’s already a large palette of existing genres, but we believe nothing is static, everything is ephemeral, and we want to shape the new rhythms, synths, waveforms, arpeggios and other sonic content that will define tomorrow. We believe there are many great tracks classified as “techno, synthwave, IDM, industrial, etc.” that are already pushing the boundaries of their genres, and it’s precisely what we want to develop at Jikken Records.

Our guidelines

If you can deal with that, please consider sending your demos!


You can send your demos to “demos [at] jikken-records [dot] com”. There is only one rule, and it’s to answer that question in your email: What makes your project so special? We’ll review all the demos which follow that rule. Accepted formats: any format that enables us to accurately appreciate your project. If you have no idea, Flac is a great lossless opensource format, but a link to your favorite platform works too.

Label/Artist relationships

Renewing the industry also means cutting-edge label/artist relationships. We want to offer a great experience to all our artists and we want to provide the best and fairest contracts. No clause such as “50% royalties after the first $100”, we think that sucks. You may find it awkward to have a Contracts section on the homepage of a label, but we want to be proud of that relationship.

About us

Jikken has been founded in Tokyo in April 2020, incidentally amid worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. If you’re a social network person, you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud and Medium.